We proudly design, develop and hand sew all OSC products from start to finish in our factory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With a brand established in 2009, every OSC coat is built in-house by hand and backed by over 30 years of technical Down outerwear experience and tested through arctic expeditions.

In this way, we are proud to bring you a modern brand with enduring quality and expertise you can count on. Season to season, unique technical features and attention to detail have made Outdoor Survival Canada an outerwear collection that has become synonymous with the true Canadian answer to cold weather.



Outdoor Survival Canada was created to meet the demand for a high quality functional coat for extreme conditions, not only in Canada, but also around the world. The OSC collection provides a unique combination of warmth and waterproofness that is hard to find in winter parka collections while encompassing a sense of style and fit that remains unmatched.


We’ve designed the OSC jackets with durability and practicality in mind resulting in a multitude of features. Below are all the features offered in our OSC parkas. Features vary by style, but many are offered in all of our coats.

  • Removable Canadian Coyote Fur Trim
  • Backpack Straps
  • Smart Collar
  • Security Pocket
  • Grosgrain Velcro Protection System
  • Durability Printed Cuff Trim
  • Inner Cuffs
  • Snow Belt
  • Entrax 800 Liner
  • Interior Stuff Pocket
  • Light Sensitive Safety System
  • Entrax 800 Outer Shell Fabric
  • Elbow Patch Reinforcement
  • Quadruple Button Snap System
  • Premium Down
  • Loft Power
  • Temperature Rating

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Outdoor Survival Canada will repair or replace any item found to be defective in materials or workmanship when put to normal wear and tear and cared for in accordance with the instructions. This includes, but is not limited to, zippers, clasps, stitching, buttons and snaps.

Please note that the Limited Lifetime Guarantee does not apply to any defects caused as a result of misuse, abuse, accidental circumstances or long-term wear, such as improper cleaning, neglect, accident, fire, theft, or excessive use for commercial wear. Any alterations on the product will automatically void the warranty.

For any questions or concerns regarding our policy or your garment, please contact us at info@outdoorsurvivalcanada.eu, or bring your garment back to your authorized OSC dealer for processing. Any Return Authorized (RA) warranty work must be accompanied by a proof of purchase receipt. As well, garments must be cleaned prior to sending in.